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MEDIA ADVISORY                                                                         8 May 2012




Suriname: the ICJ to conduct trial observation




WHAT:                 The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) will send an independent observation mission to the trial of President Desiré Delano Bouterse and other suspects relating to the murder of thirteen civilians and two military officials in Fort Zeelandia, Paramaribo, on 8th December 1982.


WHY:                    The mission will be undertaken to assess compliance with judicial guarantees of fair trial and due process, in accordance with internationally recognised standards. Dr Handmaker will remain in Suriname until all necessary information to assess the case is collected. The mission will conclude with a trial observation report. 


WHEN:                 As per 9 May 2012


WHERE:               Paramaribo, Suriname.


WHO:             The ICJ has officially appointed Dr Jeff Handmaker as its official representative on the mission. Dr Handmaker is a barrister and a Senior Lecturer in Law, Human Rights and Development, Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University.


HOW:                   The International Commission of Jurists has asked the government and authorities of Suriname, including the Military Court in Boxel, to extend all the usual courtesies that to Dr Handmaker for the accomplishment of his mission. The ICJ has also asked the Members of the Bar and Judiciary to provide any assistance they can.


Contact:         Dr Jeff Handmaker, in Suriname, T: +597 42 55 22, F: +597 42 55 10.

                        ICJ in Geneva, T: +41 22 979 38 00




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